Pientere Tuinen app

Roel van der Kraan
November 25, 2023

I have a Pientere Tuinen ('Clever Gardens') sensor in my garden. It is a soil humidity and soil temperature sensor. Humidity is an important factor for plants, so the Pientere Tuinen project is gathering data from gardens all over the Netherlands. The data can be viewed through an online dashboard, but I don't check it much. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed Pientere Tuinen released an API. So I created a simple app that reads the humidity and temperature data from the API and shows it. This makes the data much more accessible, it's right on my phone and even has widgets!

I used the Health app as inspiration, so the main screen shows an overview of the latest measurements. By tapping on a measurement, the user can dive into more detail and see the trends of their garden's soil humidity or temperature over time. I hope this is helpful for people who own a Pientere Tuinen sensor!

Download the app