About me

ūüĎč Hi, I'm Roel

I am a UX/UI designer based in the Netherlands.
I love working towards a sustainable future through my design work.

My experience in UX design, product management, and software engineering enables me to approach solutions from multiple angles. And my broad background makes it easy for me to collaborate with designers, engineers, product managers, and management.


See a selection of my work in my portfolio.

Currently I'm a UX designer at iO in Rotterdam. Working on various design challenges for clients.

Before iO, I worked at Natuurmonumenten as a UX designer and webmaster. It's the largest nature preservation NGO in the Netherlands. Among other things, I worked on new marketing concepts, a rebranding for OERRR, better trail maps and user research.


Side-projects are a way for me to keep practicing my skills in design and coding. Currently I'm building Hippo, a personal CRM iOS app and Goeieplantjes.nl, a native plant listing website that hopefully will improve biodiversity in gardens all over the Netherlands someday.

Outside of my work, I enjoy being in nature to relax. Hiking is one of my favorite things to do. I also love to sail, canoe, or swim in one of the lakes near my house. I try to make my garden a suitable home for bees, butterflies, and birds (which often means doing nothing and letting nature do its thing).‚Äć

If you want to know what I'm currently up to, check my now page.

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